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October 2023 Update


  • We now have a distribution center in Western Ukraine

  • We continue to work with more than 100 partners in Ukraine over 350 volunteers.

Humanitarian Efforts

  • With the help of different partners we have sent and received and distributed over 230 shipping containers of Humanitarian Aid, in Ukraine. (Food, clothes, hygiene, survival supply, medicine, medical equipment)

  • Over 500,000 people receive aid.

How can you help?

  • Cover Shipping cost for per container is $8000 from US to Ukraine. Value of humanitarian aid in each container ranges from 100k - 2m

Bread, baking effort

  • Have set up over 50 bread, baking distribution centers . Over 40,000 bread loaves distributed for free on the weekly basis to the people in need.

How can you help?

  • One woodburning Bread baking stove cost $500

  • One commercial mixer cost $700

  • 22 ton truck of flour $6000

  • 260 gallons of oil and yeast $1,200

  • Semi truck or firewood $3000

Home rebuilding effort.

  • Over 200 homes are rebuild in Kherson and Mikolaev region. More than 200 families who suffered from atrocities of the war, were able to return back to their homes. We work in partnership with local churches and organizations they provide free labor and we cover the cost of materials, between 30 to 60 people working on every day basis

How can you help?

  • Help rebuild one home is $2000 (Cost of materials for roof and windows)

  • Cost of rebuilding home from scratch per family is $ 15 ,000.

Hot meals distribution.

  • We have 5 locations that operate. Mobile field kitchens close to the front line that distribute, warm meals to people who do not have access to utilities feeling up to 3000 people in the weekly basis.

How can you help?

  •  Support of one filled kitchen per month is $500 (fuel and produce)


Everyone can make a difference in the life of suffering people in Ukraine.

How can you get involved?

  • Help us build connection with people who can help us with emergency supply or financial support. Point of contact Viktor, Moskalyuk, 614-599-1161

  • Sign up for monthly support to provide continued Aid people in Ukraine.

  • Donate Gift of Grace backpack, (candy, school supply, hygiene, survival supply, first aid, kit,) that will go to the family who lost a loved one due to the war in Ukraine D

  • Donate furniture , appliances to refugees who arrived from Ukraine. We received over 1000 as of right now. Connect with Oleg Fyodorov +1 (360) 713-2971

List of emergency supplies needed: (CAT tourniquet, IFAK first aid kit, chest seal, emergency blanket, sleeping bags, warming pads, survival gear, water filter straws, supply that stops bleeding)

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