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Visit to Ukraine

Our team visited Ukraine for the 4th time since the war began. With Gods help and your support up to date we sent over 101 containers with humanitarian aid from US to Ukraine .

Total of 167 received by our Hub, combined with supply, purchased in Europe, and from our European partners. Praise be to God.

  We were able to send over 200 tons emergency supply by air and now working with different airline to continue sending supply this route as well.

   The are 4 more locations set up besides Columbus where supply goes directly from our partners locations that helps us save on logistics

   Our biggest expense is still the cost for shipping containers. Some organizations help us cover it now, but for majority we still pay. Price fluctuates between 6k-8k all the way to Rivne.

— 1880 shipments made from our distribution center.

— over 300,000 people received help.

— over 2 million quick to prepare meals provided.

— over over 15,000 first aid kits assembled and distributed.

— over 750,000 Gospels sent and distributed.

    Current directions in which we involved in as of right now.

     - Setting up Bakeries to bake bread :

over 30,000 bread loafs produced and distributed on weekly basis.

     - purchased 30 bread, baking wood stoves.

     - purchased 14 commercial mixers.

     Supplied 5 pull behind Mobile kitchens , providing over 2000 hot meals for people in the front line area on the weekly basis.


Rebuilding effort: 10 homes are rebuild in Kherson region.


      Financed delivery of 4 semi trucks of firewood in front line areas.

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